About us

Andreas Heyerick

Andreas is one of the most versatile people one could ever come across. He has lived in four different countries so far and is an expert in intercultural contact. Without a doubt the reason for that is his implementation within AFS Intercultural Exchanges, which led him to Peru as a teenager and Costa Rica for a living.

He has also led the local department of AFS in Ghent for several years and is active on the European level of this organisation. Perhaps he is the most experienced mountaineer, having attempted several summits in Switzerland, Central America and the Andes mountains.

Bertrand Goethals

Bertrand is the most experienced hitchhiker of the ambitious bunch. He has travelled to more than 30 European countries and almost 50 countries in total, predominantly using his thumbs for transportation and always on the lookout for interesting encounters, giving purpose to his travels.

His love of travelling and discovering places through the eyes of the locals is a side-product of his years-long experience in the Belgian Boy Scouts, which took him to Japan in 2015 for the World Scouts Jamboree. He was responsible for communication of the Belgian Contingent there.

Yannick Vandermeren 

Yannick is the benjamin of the three. Growing up in the capital, he had his fair share of intercultural encounters. What he might lack in hitchhiking experience, he more than compensates with his physical readiness and video shooting and editing skills.

Having practiced sports on a regular base for twenty years, Yannick is able to outrun Andreas or Bertrand with ease. His keen interest and skills when it comes to photography and video makes him the key person to show the project to the world.